Blacks In Technology podcast episode 18

In this podcast Greg Greenlee talks with Thaddeus Howze AKA @ebonstorm.

Thaddeus has over 25 years of experience in the I.T. field. He is an expert in Business I.T. Development, digital design and educational technology. He’s worked as a network administrator, an IT instructor, an IT manager, CIO/VP of IT for JFK University and is now working as a small business technology consultant in northern California. Thaddeus is also an author. He writes science fiction and also for several blogs including A Matter of Scale, and The Examiner. He is also a host on several Blog TalkRadio shows: WaveFront, and Afterthoughts.

We talk about Cloud computing, science fiction writing, comics, and much more. You can follow Thaddeus on twitter @ebonstorm.

Greg Greenlee, the webmaster and entrepreneur of Blacks in Technology interviewed me on his podcast. It was one of those general interest kind of interviews where we talk about a variety of topics including politics, writing, science fiction, autism and our personal passion, technology. While it is not completely tech related, it is definitely a no-holds barred conversation about the future of Blacks in technology and may not always be politically-correct, but I stand by everything I said. The only way to know if you agree, is to listen for yourself. This is an unedited opportunity to hear my thoughts about a myriad of topics. If you read my blog though, you won’t be too surprised, after all, you know there is no cow so sacred I can’t be convinced NOT to shoot at it.

Thank you for the interview Greg, I enjoyed giving it as much as I enjoy our casual conversations. Always spirited and in good fun. When I am done with my novel, I will be back.

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