The Green Beret Survival Guide: Ref Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Bob Mayer

SurvivalFinalWhile I discuss publishing, writing, and yellow labs on this blog quite often, there are times when one must get serious.  In the past year we’ve seen Hurricane Sandy, a landslide on Whidbey Island, a tornado in Oklahoma and other man-made and natural disasters.  So I’m going to start posting excerpts from The Green Beret Survival Guideon this blog at least once a week because I truly feel it’s the most important book I’ve ever written because it does save lives.  One of the key things that made us “Special” Forces was our ability to prepare for missions.  In the same way, it’s key to prepare for disasters before they occur and I’ll post information on that, such as grabngo bags and more.

Since it’s fresh in our minds, let’s cover Tornadoes and Hurricanes first:

Tornados strike with little warning.  If an alarm or alert has been sounded, even…

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