Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me

Racism Is White Supremacy

“Movies are not about Blacks but what Whites think about Blacks.” — Ralph Ellison, author of the novel,  Invisible Man.

I will admit that my negative “review” of the movie, “The Butler,” is a bit premature.  I will even admit that I will probably never pay to see it because I refuse to financially support most movies produced by (white) Hollywood (although I will rent one FOR FREE from the public library whenever the mood hits me).


Nearly every movie I have seen, including the “black” movies produced by (white) Hollywood, PROMOTE white supremacy/Black inferiority EVEN when it appears that this is NOT happening.


Is it my imagination or does the ‘butler’ in this movie poster resemble President Obama?


In my experience  the majority of Hollywood-Produced “Black” Films Usually Fall Into One of Five Categories:


1.the  “good black”  female triumphing over the “evil” black male: (The…

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2 responses to “Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me

  1. One problem that’s still going on in these movies. Like the help and the Butler They are to insulting to our people. And the way opera was treated in Europe if I was her I would’ve thought a lot more about playing That role in this movie.

  2. Unfortunately, this complaint can be made about every movie that has a black in it. This is an absurd attempt to keep black folks out of movies or only in movies with all black casts. This assertion about blacks in movies will always be the case as long as blacks are a minority in the American landscape.

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