Congratulations To Comcast, Your 2014 Worst Company In America!

And because you demanded it. A contest to discover which company in America is considered most likely to shit on its customers. The deathmatch was between Comcast and Monsanto. COMCAST WON!

One response to “Congratulations To Comcast, Your 2014 Worst Company In America!

  1. I hate COMCAST…….in 2002 I moved to an area in Hayward, CA where COMCAST was the exclusive provider of cable television. I suffered with there lack of customer service and shoddy repairmen that came and went on a regular basis attempting to repair, upgrade and make the service work properly. I changed providers as soon as the market allowed. Recently, I moved to the Millsview area in Oakland, CA. Not knowing that COMCAST would end up being my cable provider unless I was willing to accept the possibility of a $1,500 early termination fee from Direct TV on a two year contract. I was so hoping that COMCAST had improved since 2002. The truth is they are even worse in 2014 than they were back in 2002. I’m stuck until I can move again….this time, I will investigate my cable options prior to signing a new lease agreement. I’d rather pay more rent than be saddled with COMCAST ever again!

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