The future of television

Steven Lyle Jordan

television-watching familyAmerican television has been undergoing a massive shakeup of late…

Okay, what I should be saying is that American television is undergoing another massive shakeup of late.  Because American television has actually been under attack since the day it was created.  Movies and theater have always been at odds with television, showing it up for being less intellectual, less relevant, less powerful, less colorful, less large, etc, etc.

Over the years, television has taken on these challenges, largely, by evolving the very characteristics that made movies and theater so powerful.  TV has hired writers and actors from the movie studios, improved productions, taken on more relevant storylines, and adopted more street-wise language, sex and nudity.  They’ve even shown movies—the competition, essentially—on TV.  They’ve developed award systems that mirror the Oscars, and have brought the pomp and circumstance of movies to TV.  And TVs have gotten bigger and better, taking up…

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