An Elseworld with Bite

Bruce Timm of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, The Animated Series, Justice League and Jutice League Unlimited fame gives us an alternative perspective on DC’s Holy Trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

Instead of the familiar faces we know and love, we have three new versions of the characters who feel familiar but are very different from the three core heroes of the normal DC Universe.

Kal-Zod, son of General Zod and raised by an immigrant family who stole into the country from Mexico, raise a Man of Steel who is very different from the Kansas born Kal-El. His genetic heritage as the son of General Zod and his upbringing as an immigrant create within him a barely-contained rage.

This is a Superman who is not above doing whatever he thinks is necessary to get the job done. He has great power and he is not afraid to use it.

Batman: Scourge of Gotham: Gone is the mysterious and spacious Wayne Manor and its supportive butler Alfred Pennyworth. In its place is the loner, Dr. Langstrom. In the mainstream universe, he would become the menace of the Man-bat, but here, his experimental serum turns him into a living vampire. (I guess no one told Timm that Marvel did that once with a character named Morbius the living vampire…) We don’t get an understanding why Langstrom fights crime beyond directing his need to feed upon the criminal element of Gotham City. Perhaps that’s enough…

Wonder Woman – New God: Most divergent member of this Trinity is the newly revamped Wonder Woman. Instead of being a member of a secret island of woman warriors or descended from mythological beings, she is a member of Jack Kirby’s penultimate creation, the New Gods. She resembles the wife of Orion, Bekka and is every step the warrior we hope Wonder Woman can be. Supporting Steve Trevor in his operations, she is funny, smart and deadly in battle.

This new Justice League appears to have its hands full in a world more dangerous, less friendly and every bit as fantastic as the mainstream DC Universe. Amanda Waller is the President of the United States and Dr. Sivana is her chief scientist. Does that tell you what kind of trouble this world is in store for?

Strap in, it looks like its gonna be a bumpy ride. The three short introductory videos are worth the six minutes each, with the Wonder Woman clip being the best, in my opinion.

I look forward to the continued development of this product line and believe Bruce Timm is one of the best people to produce animated versions of DC heroes. Few have done it better, more consistently and for longer than he has.

Welcome Gods and Monsters to the DC Multiverse!