LAPD appears in a video spot executing “summary justice.”

In twenty seconds, six LAPD police officers managed to render a single homeless man face down and neutralized on the ground. By twenty two seconds, the sound of an operational taser can be heard in the background. By twenty six seconds, a shot is fired and twenty eight seconds, a man is shot multiple times in the back and is likely dead on the scene.

As usual, I hear the rants of “let’s wait until we hear all the facts.”

This video does a pretty good job of establishing the facts to me. Six men vs one man. One man face down, one man shot in the back. Six men to hide and cover up the facts.

I will wager the shooter will get two weeks of paid vacation, a screening committee sensitive to the needs of the police community and if there is no grand jury, no one should be surprised. The man shot was a homeless man unlikely to have good representation or family to pursue the issue.

Justice in America means you are never too old to be shot, never too poor to experience summary justice and never too black to NOT be shot in the back while you are lying face down on the pavement.

Justice. Her role in today’s drama will be played by Negligence and her brother Contempt. Enjoy the show.

One response to “LAPD appears in a video spot executing “summary justice.”

  1. Thank you for your vigilance in spreading awareness of governmental abuses of power. Well said, too–succinct, artful, potent. As a patriotic American, I’ll keep hoping and looking for freedom from tyranny within America’s borders as well as outside them.

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